Agricultural Law Resource and Reference Center

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The website of the Agricultural Law Resource and Reference Center at Penn State Law School provides information on agricultural law to the public. The site's most useful feature for students and researchers is the collection of excellent and thorough bibliographies on the Resource Areas page. These research guides on topics such as dairy pricing and regulation and agricultural zoning contain links to federal and state statutes, legislative hearings, regulations, Congressional Research Reports, information pages on federal agency websites, case law, law review articles (some of which are behind pay walls), and even foreign and international websites. The Center's Publications Library provides links to articles written by students and staff at Penn State. The Publications Library is not keyword searchable, but the articles are organized by topic. The News page is updated regularly, and recent updates focus almost solely on hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”). The website's page on Current Issues in Agricultural Law is useful for laymen looking for information on topics such as the farm bill, food security, climate change, and even urban chickens.[InSITE]