American Indian Constitutions and Legal Materials

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American Indian Constitutions and Legal Materials is a collection of digital documents from the Law Library of Congress. The collection contains most of the laws and constitutions from the early 19th  century and after passage of the Indian Removal Act of 1830, and also includes constitutions and charters drafted after the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act. Some of these documents are in the vernacular languages of the tribes. There is a helpful interactive map on the main page of the website that helps users to identify the documents available for 6 different defined regions of the US: Northeast Atlantic New England, South (Old Southwest), North Central and Northwest Regions (the Old Northwest Territory), New Southwest, Pacific Northwest (Old Oregon country) and Alaska. When users click on the region of interest they are taken to a list of the available documents for that region. The oldest digitized document available is a fascinating 1810 document entitled "Laws of the Cherokee Nation." Links on the page allow users to share or print documents and subscribe to RSS feeds, and there are social media links to the Law Library of Congress’s Facebook page, Twitter account, and You Tube channel. [InSITE]