BNA Transition to Bloomberg Law

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Subscribers to BNA Law Reports may have already noticed that Bloomberg BNA is transitioning its content from the BNA Premier platform to Bloomberg Law. In the process of this transition, some of the current reporters have been repackaged with other topics and the content delivery options have changed. Some subscribers will automatically be transitioned to the new content options. When and how a person signed up for the BNA Law Reports, however, affects Bloomberg’s ability to transition the subscriber to the new product. Amy Koopmann is working with our Bloomberg Law representative to identify faculty members who may be affected by this transition. If you have questions or concerns, or believe you are no longer receiving content that you would like to receive, please contact Amy at

With this transition, Bloomberg will also cease publishing the BNA print reporters, with the exception of ABA/BNA Lawyers’ Manual on Professional Conduct and the Tax Management Portfolios. The Law Library will continue to receive these titles.