Can I Use Westlaw Over the Summer?

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Different research systems have different policies regarding the use of your student accounts over the summer months or after graduation.

Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law allows you to use your student account through the summer, with no restrictions on content or type of work. Your Bloomberg Law account is also available for up to six months after graduation.



Students may use their Lexis Advance accounts through the summer, with no restrictions on content or type of work. Graduating students may continue to use their Lexis Advance accounts through July, and have the option to extend access through the end of 2014. If you are a graduating student and would like to request extended access, you may do so at Lexis’ website.



Westlaw limits the use of student accounts in the summer to educational purposes only (i.e., attending summer classes, law journal or moot court work, working for a faculty member, or an unpaid externship that is required for class credit or graduation.) You may NOT use your student Westlaw account at a law firm, government agency, court, or other non-law-school employment.

Westlaw provides a small number of hours of access automatically for educational use during June and July. If you are planning to use Westlaw for educational purposes over the summer, you will need to request extended access on Westlaw’s website.

If you are graduating, you can request limited extended Westlaw access until November 2014, at Westlaw’s website.