Carrel Sign-Up Procedure

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The library provides carrels for law students to use. Please sign up for a carrel using the procedure outlined below. Returning 2L and 3L students who renewed their carrel assignment at the end of last year do not need to sign up again this year. If you have desk space in a journal office or in the clinic, you are not eligible to have a library carrel.

Sign-up for 1Ls begins Thursday, August 23. To sign-up for a carrel:

  1. Log into Westlaw at and select TWEN.
  2. Select the Add Course option and choose Law Library Carrels from the list of available courses.
  3. Open the Law Library Carrels course and choose “Carrel Sign-Up Sheets” from the left navigation pane.
  4. Select and sign-up for an available carrel.

Please sign-up for only one carrel. If you change your mind after sign-up and select a different carrel, please delete your previous selection. If you have any questions or issues with carrel sign-up, please contact Dawn Banovitz at or Kathy Hall at