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Carrels in the Law Library are assigned to individual second and third year law students.  The student assigned a particular carrel has the right to use that carrel at any time the Law Library is open. During periods in which the student assigned a carrel is not personally using it, others may do so but only if they understand that they must not disturb any materials in the carrel and must immediately and courteously vacate the carrel if the person assigned to it appears and desires to use it. Violation of these rules may result in the loss of Law Library privileges and/or access.

Graduating Third Years
Carrels of graduating third years need to be cleared by Monday, December 17th. Please let the staff at the Circulation Desk know if you plan to study here for the bar; you may keep your carrel until the bar exam.

Clinic & Journal Students - Return your Carrel
For students who are taking clinic and journal assignments, please return your carrel by going to: and signing in using your HawkID and password.  Follow the instructions for returning your carrel. If you are a continuing student, you will be eligible for a library carrel when your time in the clinic/journal is ended. 

For 2L, 3L and LLM students who do not currently have a carrel, you may sign up by coming to the Circulation Desk to have a staff member assist you.