Center for Food Safety

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The Center for Food Safety (CFS) is a non-profit environmental advocacy organization working to protect health and the environment by curbing the use of harmful food production technologies and by promoting organic and other forms of sustainable agriculture. CFS supports food solutions that are biodiverse, socially just, appropriately scaled, local and humane. It uses legal actions, scientific and policy reports, books and other educational materials, market pressure and grass roots campaigns in its advocacy. CFS is an effective litigator and its successful legal cases collectively represent a landmark body of case law on food and agricultural issues. Issues that CFS provides information about on its website include:

  • Genetic engineering of food, fish, animals, trees and insects
  • Pollinators & Pesticides
  • Food & Climate
  • Seeds
  • Animal factories & animal cloning
  • Food Safety
  • Food Irradiation

The website has links to many useful CFS fact sheets and reports, as well as links to its legal actions including petitions, amicus briefs and cases. Social media links are provided to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the CFS’s collection of YouTube videos. [SL]