Citation Linker in InfoHawk+

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With InfoHawk+, you have the option to access electronic articles directly. A number of ways exist to accomplish this. This article highlights the Citation Linker feature. 

To access the Citation Linker, visit the Law Library’s homepage and select “More Search Options” from below the InfoHawk+ Catalog search box. From there, select “Citation Linker” from the upper right hand side of the page.

Law Library Homepage

InfoHawk+ Advanced Search Screen with Citation Linker

The Citation Linker will take you to a screen with three tabs: one for journals, one for books, and one for articles. Select the articles tab. You will see the option to enter a variety of information. If you are looking for an article from a consecutively paginated journal, like Iowa Law Review, the important information to enter is the name of the journal, the volume, and the start page. If you are looking for an article from a non-consecutively paginated journal, you will need to enter the issue as well. When entering the journal title, spell out the title instead of using the Bluebook abbreviation. 

Citation Linker Article Tab

After selecting “Go,” the system will direct you to a results page that will offer you a number of options (depending on the journal) through which you can access the article. If you have trouble with one of the links, try another link to directly access the article title. If you prefer PDF articles, HeinOnline and Gale Cenage LegalTrack are two options to try.

Article Citation Search Results

If you are not able to locate the article you are looking for, or have an article title but not the volume and start page of the article, please call the Reference Desk at 5-9005 for additional assistance.