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Oxford Competition Law

Oxford Competition Law provides an invaluable suite of competition analysis, including Oxford University Press' key commentaries in EU competition law, fully linked with national case reports and source material. The service comprises enhanced online versions of Faull & Nikpay: The EC Law of Competition and Whish & Bailey on Competition Law, and substantive updates to Bellamy & Child: European Union Law of Competition.

Presidential Oral History

The Miller Center at the University of Virginia has "systematically and comprehensively debriefed" dozens of important figures from the administrations of Presidents Carter, Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Clinton. In addition, they are currently building up archives for George W. Bush's presidency, and have gathered many more interviews from key players in the presidencies of Herbert Hoover and Lyndon B. Johnson. Transcripts, audio recordings, and sometimes videos of these interviews are available on the website, and it makes for fascinating reading. For instance, an interview with William Harrman, who served as security at President Hoover's rural camp, gives insight not only into Hoover himself, but into how politics was done during the Great Depression."