Enhancements to Bloomberg Law

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Bloomberg Law has made legal research easier with new search enhancements. BLaw now automatically corrects misspelled words in a search not in quotation marks, as well as incorrect Boolean operators and symbols. BLaw will now presume an “AND” between words in searches not containing any Boolean operators (e.g., illegal search will be searched as “illegal” AND “search” unless quoted as “illegal search”). This means that quotation marks are no longer necessary to search by phrase, unless you are using other Boolean operators. BLaw aids your searching by providing auto-complete suggestions for legal terms and other common searches.

If you do not have a Bloomberg Law legal research account, you can register for a student account online at https://www.bloomberglaw.com/activate. You do not need to enter an activation code to register your student account. After registering, you should receive an email confirming your successful registration.