HeinOnline Author Profile Pages

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HeinOnline author profile pages allow authors to highlight their work available through HeinOnline.   HeinOnline automatically generates a page that includes the author’s name and ScholarCheck statistics. ScholarCheck statistics, which are based on the author’s work available in HeinOnline, calculate the author’s cumulative citations by articles in HeinOnline, citations by articles written in the past 10 years, citations by cases from both HeinOnline and Fastcase, and by the number of times the author’s articles have been accessed by HeinOnline users within a rolling 12-month period.

Authors also have the option of enhancing their author profile pages by adding a photo, biographical information, university affiliation, and links to the author’s webpage and social media accounts.  To enhance your profile page, fill out this form

If you need assistance enhancing your author profile in HeinOnline, contact Amy Koopmann at amy-koopmann@uiowa.edu.