HiiL: Innovating Justice

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Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law (HiiL) is an advisory and research institute involved in numerous rule of law projects throughout the world.  It provides justice advisory services, measurement and assessment services in legal reform, and a justice innovation lab. The website reports on the organization’s activity supporting rule of law and provides either downloadable copies or citations to the reports, books and some of the articles that are issued by members of the Institute. The organization’s projects are broken down both by theme and by country, and include such activities as a study of legal aid in Europe, an interactive web-based platform for dispute resolution, and a justice needs assessment in Mali. Contact information on projects is available for more information. In addition to this website, HiiL supports a second website, www.innovatingjustice.com, which is a forum for those interested in or involved in rule of law projects. It has information on people and organizations in this area, a set of free tools for innovators, blogs from HiiL and the possibility of registering to participate in creating innovative justice. One can also find a selection of academic literature on rule of law. The site is intended for those who practice law as well as academicians. It is simple to use and up-to-date although this reviewer did find one dead link.