Iowa Law Scholars in Top 250

Professors Herbert Hovenkamp, Steven Burton, and David Baldus

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Two current members of the Iowa Law faculty, and one colleague who passed away in 2011, are among the HeinOnline ScholarsRank Top 250 Authors.

According to HeinOnline, the Top 250 Authors list is calculated “based on an analysis of all articles in HeinOnline. We then ranked each author in each category: number of times cited by articles, number of times cited by cases, and number of times accessed and averaged the rankings to produce this list of the 250 authors that scored the highest when averaging all categories.”

Herbert Hovenkamp, who holds the Ben V. and Dorothy Willie Chair, is ranked # 39. He is a prolific author in the fields of antitrust law, law and economics, property, intellectual property, and legal history. He has authored more than 100 articles and more than a dozen books. His most recent book is The Opening of American Law: Neoclassical Legal Thought 1870-1970 (Oxford University Press 2015). He is also the senior surviving author of the leading treatise on Antitrust Law (Kluwer/Aspen, 22 volumes), which has been cited more than 1,000 times by the federal courts.

Steven Burton, who holds the John F. Murray Professorship, is ranked # 126. He is a prolific author in the law of contract, international commercial arbitration, and jurisprudence. He is the author or co-author of five books and numerous articles, including Principles of Contract Law (West 4th ed. 2012) and Elements of Contract Interpretation (Oxford University Press 2009).

Also included in the Top 250 list at # 249 is our late colleague David Baldus, who held the Joseph B. Tye Professorship until his death in June 2011. He was an expert in law and social science who conducted extensive research on the death penalty. His obituary in the New York Times is available here.

The full list of the ScholarsRank Top 250 Authors is available here.