Law Library Annex Move Complete!

Annex Full Shelves

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Ever wondered what 3 miles of law books might look like?

Imagine 10 times the height of the Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower), half the diameter of the Chicxulub crater, or 17 times the height of the Eiffel Tower. Alternatively, you could just stay in Iowa and look at a picture of the Law Library Annex. At the end of August, the Law Library finished moving over 17,350 feet of books into our new offsite storage facility.

Annex Empty Shelves
Annex Full Shelves

The Law Library Annex is a climate-controlled, secure space with over 30,000 feet of library shelving.  It is a closed storage facility that will be visited only by Law Library staff assigned to deliver or re-shelve materials in the Annex.

What moved to the Law Library Annex?

The bulk of what went to the Law Library Annex were duplicate reporters and journals (meaning we have a print copy in the Law Library), as well as a miscellany of other lesser-used, older materials. These items will be available for request through InfoHawk.

The Serial Set and Hearings from Government Documents also moved to the Annex, but are also available online. For links to access the Serial Set and Hearings online, visit the Law Library’s Federal Legislative Materials LibGuide.

Law Library Move

What's Next?

Going forward, the Law Library will move approximately 2,500 feet of books a year to the Law Library Annex. This number will accommodate the number of new volumes added to the Law Library collection annually. There will also be new maps and signage along the way to ensure easy access to resources within the Law Library. Now that the move to the Annex is complete, the Law Library is working on a variety of shifting projects to make use of the newly opened spaces. This will involve making space for growing collections, and some items will be moving to a new floor in the Library.