Law Library Launches Video in China

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An informational video highlighting the Law Library’s world-class collections and resources has been launched in China on Youku.

In the United States, the principal website for video sharing is YouTube. However, YouTube is not available in China. One of the Chinese alternatives to YouTube is Youku. The Law Library has launched a Youku page in order to share information with viewers and researchers in China about the Law Library’s substantial collections and resources.

The University of Iowa Law Library is one of the very best law school libraries in the United States. The Law Library’s holdings on the law of the United States and all of its states and territories, the United Kingdom, and the present and former members of the British Commonwealth are exceptionally strong, as is its collection on the European Union, one of the most comprehensive collections on international and comparative law and excellent collections on the law of many non-English speaking nations, including representative countries on each continent. In addition, the Law Library has a significant collection in all formats of materials from other disciplines that are closely related to law, such as legal history. Put simply, the Law Library is one of the very best places to do in-depth, on-site legal research.

For a Youku video about the Law Library, please click here.