LexisNexis Courtroom Cast

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This database is a collection of courtroom and case recordings, as well as training videos, for use by students and faculty in a variety of educational settings. Courtroom Cast consists of three collections: AudioCaseFiles, a video collection, and a training collection.

AudioCaseFiles contains edited versions of the most commonly assigned cases for first and second year law students. Students may read or listen to the cases, and may make notes through the “Case Notes” feature of the database. One may browse by subject or by casebook title, and when found, the item may be downloaded onto the device of choice.

The Video collection includes selected trials, hearings, and oral arguments from United States federal and state courts from 2004 to date. It is searchable and browsable by party, lawyer, law firm, judge, industry, practice area, jurisdiction, and case name. One may view videos from anywhere with an internet connection.

The Training Libraries cover three areas: Trial Advocacy, Rules of Evidence, and Appellate Advocacy. Experts analyze and comment on various aspects of courtroom advocacy using video clips from trial recordings; the trial advocacy topics cover opening statements, direct and cross examinations, closing arguments, and rebuttals. The Rules of Evidence topics include relevancy, witnesses, opinion and expert testimony, hearsay, and other rules. The appellate advocacy topic includes petitioner and respondent argument, as well as handling questions from the bench. In each of these topics, the experts chose the best examples of technique to help users hone their advocacy skills. One may view videos from anywhere with an internet connection.