Navigating the Law Library Part 2

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A second installment in our Welcome (Back) to the Law Library. In this article we highlight signage, traffic flows and seating.

Signage and traffic flows


The Library staff has been busy placing signs to assist students in navigating the Library and its new traffic flow patterns. We understand that the one-way traffic flows will take some getting used to and will be inconvenient. If an area is not marked with directional signage, please yield to oncoming traffic. We understand that these paths may not work for individuals with limited mobility, so please deviate from the paths if you need to or in case of an emergency. 


We have 41 seats in the Library at small and large tables for those who need space to study. These seats are scattered throughout the Library, though most are located on the 2nd and 3rd Floors. We have used tape and signage to mark the seating to adhere to public health guidelines. Please note that, due to some issues with the skylights, areas of the 1st Floor are not available. Please do not walk inside the areas marked with gates or caution tape.

 We have 10 seats in the Library dedicated to those who need a space for remote learning. These seats are located on the 1st Floor in rooms 126 and 174. Please adhere to the posted rules for these rooms.

 No Food or drink

Given the requirement to wear face coverings while in the Library, food and drink will not be permitted in the Library. Areas outside of the Library have been designated for food and drink consumption. We encourage you to take breaks outside the Law Library for eating and hydrating.