New Book Feature for June 11

The South China Sea Arbitration book cover

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The South China Sea Arbitration: A Chinese Perspective by Stefan Talmon and Bing Bing Jia

This book aims to offer a (not the) Chinese perspective on some of the issues to be decided by the [United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea] Tribunal and thus to assist the Tribunal in meeting its obligations under the Convention. The book does not set out the official position of the Chinese government, but is rather to serve as a kind of amicus curiae brief advancing possible legal arguments on behalf of the absent respondent. The book does not deal with the merits of the disputes between the Philippines and the PRC, but focuses on the questions of jurisdiction, admissibility and other objections which the tribunal will have to decide as a preliminary matter. The book will show that there are insurmountable preliminary objections to the Tribunal deciding the case on the merits and that the Tribunal would be well advised to refer the dispute back to the parties in order for them to reach a negotiated settlement. (the full description from Hart Publishing is here)

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