New Databases

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Law360 (Law access only)

Law360 is an extensive practitioner-oriented database focusing on legal news and major judicial and legislative developments in the U.S. In particular, attorneys at top U.S. law firms provide detailed and authoritative analysis on current trends in the various forms of litigation and in federal court jurisprudence, organized across 43 practice areas listed on the Law360 homepage. The articles in Law360 link directly to court dockets and opinions and other key judicial documents. Law360 users may sign up for daily e-mail newsletters connected to a variety of practice areas and industries.


Linguee is a website that combines the search capabilities of a dictionary, a search engine, and a web crawler. Linguee mines the language translations of official government and intergovernmental document translations from around the world. Linguee’s foundation included a corpus of law and social science-related documents translated by the language directorates of the United Nations and the European Union. Thus, legal-oriented documents, translations, and terminology have played an integral role with Linguee from the start. All European Union languages plus the six official United Nations languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish) are represented on Linguee.