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FDR Presidential Library and Museum Releases New Databases

The Henry Morgenthau, Jr. Diaries and Press Conferences, and the records of the War Refugee Board are now available in digital format from FRANKLIN, the the Library's virtual research room and digital repository. Morganthau was Secretary of the Treasury for nearly 12 years during Roosevelt’s presidency; during that time, he kept a daily record of his official activities, including transcripts of his meetings and telephone conversations, as well as copies and originals of the most important correspondence and memoranda that passed over his desk. These materials fill more than 860 volumes. He also maintained a private “Presidential Diary,” which contains memoranda of his meetings with FDR, recollections of cabinet meetings, and handwritten notes. Morganthau also championed the issue of rescuing Jewish refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe. As a result of his efforts, FDR created the War Refugee Board, on which Morganthau served. The records of the board are part of the digitized collection now available online.

Legal Source (EBSCO)

Legal Source (EBSCO) (off-campus access limited to members of the College of Law community) is a comprehensive database combining access to EBSCO's Index to Legal Periodicals and Books (1981 - present) and Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective (1908 - 1981), with access to more than 500 full-text journals not available in the either of the Index to Legal Periodicals modules, and access to more than 100 full-text journals, many published in Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, that have not been previously available in any database. In full, Legal Source provides access to more than 880 full-text journals, with indexing (using the “Advanced Search” option) by title, author(s), subjects, court cases, statutes, books reviewed, languages, etc.


This Chinese-language database contains the original (untranslated) versions of laws and regulations (including interpretations by the Supreme People's Court); judicial decisions of the Supreme People's Court and Supreme People's Procuratorate; and full-text articles from leading Chinese law and political science journals. The database also includes extensive coverage of legal developments in China; legislative background on select Chinese laws; the full-text versions of treaties to which China is a signatory nation; and examples of contractual agreements that comply with applicable Chinese law. ChinaLawInfo is the companion (integrated) database to LawInfoChina, which provides English-language coverage to much of the same content as ChinaLawInfo.

Free Access to National Technical Information Service Resources for the Public

The National Technical Information Service (NTIS) is broadening public access to their materials. NTIS is offering free public access to some of its Federal science and technology reports through their National Technical Reports Library (NTRL) database. The public can now conduct a basic search and download five PDF documents per session. An account must be created before usage.