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The Law Library recently acquired a number of new ProQuest modules, described below.

ProQuest Executive Orders and Presidential Proclamations

This ProQuest Congressional module is the one dedicated collection of executive orders and presidential proclamations in PDF. Over 79,000 numbered and unnumbered orders and proclamations are included, with thousands of the documents dating prior to 1936, when orders and proclamations were first published officially. The current coverage for the module is complete for 1789–1983 and selective for 1984–2014. 

ProQuest History Vault: Law and Society since the Civil War

This ProQuest History Vault module contains a variety of collections from the Harvard Law School Library, highlighting three Supreme Court Justices, the first African-American federal judge, high-profile cases, and insights into developing ideologies and laws. Materials date as far back as 1861 with the Papers of Oliver Wendell Holmes, which span from the Civil War to the Great Depression.

The specific collections in Law and Society since the Civil War are the following: 

  • Albert Levitt Papers, 1927–1937 and 1965–1968
  • Felix Frankfurter Papers, Part I: U.S. Supreme Court, Case Files of Opinions and Memoranda, October Terms 1938–1961
  • Felix Frankfurter Papers, Part II: U.S. Supreme Court, Case Files of Opinions and Memoranda, October Terms 1953–1961
  • Felix Frankfurter Papers, Part III: Correspondence and Related Material, 1900–1965
  • Livingston Hall Papers, 1947–1973
  • Louis Dembitz Brandeis Papers, Part I: U.S. Supreme Court, October Terms 1916–1931
  • Louis Dembitz Brandeis Papers, Part II: U.S. Supreme Court, October Terms 1932–1938
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes Papers, 1861–1935
  • Richard H. Field Papers, 1942–1978
  • Roscoe Pound Papers, Part I: Correspondence, 1907–1964
  • Roscoe Pound Papers, Part II: Writings, Lectures, Addresses, Teaching Notes, and Miscellaneous Manuscripts, 1889–1964
  • Sacco-Vanzetti Case Papers, 1920–1928
  • Sheldon Glueck Papers, mainly 1926–1972
  • William H. Hastie Papers, Part I: Judicial Activities, 1916–1976
  • William H. Hastie Papers, Part II: Civil Rights, Organizational, and Private Activities, 1916–1976
  • Zechariah Chafee Jr. Papers, mainly 1916–1956

ProQuest House of Commons Parliamentary Papers – 21st Century

The Law Library recently acquired the 21st century module of the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers database. The Law Library now provides access to the 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st century modules, covering the House of Commons sessional papers, in searchable PDF, from 1715 to 2014, with supplementary material dating back to 1688. Included are bills, House of Commons papers, command papers, reports of committees, reports of commissioners, and various correspondence and statistical documents.

Among the topics addressed by the materials are the American Revolution, Edward Jenner's work with vaccination, the abolition of slavery, the navigations of James Cook, the Seven Years War, the Battle of Trafalgar, the tenure of Great Britain’s first prime minister Sir Robert Walpole, the Industrial Revolution, the interaction of colonial forces with indigenous peoples in Australasia and North America, World Wars I and II, decolonization, the formation of NATO and the United Nations, the IRA, the Cold War, the Falklands War, the dismantling of apartheid, the 9/11 attacks, anti-terror laws, Scottish and Welsh devolution, future plans for the U.K. armed forces, and National Health Service (NHS) reform.

ProQuest Legislative Insight, 2015 Content

The Law Library has added 2015 content to its ProQuest Legislative Insight collection. This collection now includes over 27,000 compiled federal legislative histories, ranging from the 1st Congress to the current 114th Congress. It contains fully searchable PDFs of congressional publications related to select legislation, including public laws, all versions of related bills, excerpts of the Congressional Record, committee reports, committee hearing transcripts, committee prints, presidential signing statements, and Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports.

ProQuest Digital U.S. Bills and Resolutions, 2014 and 2015

ProQuest Digital U.S. Bills and Resolutions, 2014 and 2015, is new content the Law Library has acquired as part of ProQuest Congressional.  ProQuest Congressional is a searchable, comprehensive collection of U.S. federal government publications in PDF. The current University of Iowa holdings in ProQuest Congressional are the following:

Congressional Publications   

  • Public and private bills and resolutions, 1789–present 
  • House and Senate committee reports, 1817–2010
  • The Congressional Record and its predecessor publications, 1789–1997
  • House and Senate committee hearing transcripts published officially by the U.S. Government Publishing Office, 1824–2003
  • House and Senate committee hearing transcripts published unofficially, 1973–1982 for House and 1985–1992 for Senate 
  • The U.S. Congressional Serial Set and its related predecessor publications, 1789–2010
  • Legislative histories, 1969–present 
  • Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports, 1916–present

Executive Branch Publications

  • Executive orders and presidential proclamations, 1789–1983 (complete), 1984–2014 (select)
  • Executive branch documents (department and agency publications), 1789–1939