New Electronic Resources

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ProQuest Congressional Hearings

The Law Library recently acquired ProQuest Congressional Hearings Part C (2004-2010), which extends our collection of House and Senate committee hearing transcripts in PDF through 2010.  You may access these materials through ProQuest Congressional.

ProQuest Indian Claims Insight

Indian Claims Insight allows users to research the history of U.S. Indian claims from 1789 to the present. Unique compiled docket histories provide legal researchers with the ability to search the full text of all content related to each claim. Depending on the claim, the content can include not only court documents but also cited treaties, related congressional publications, and maps, all designed to facilitate the ability of researchers to understand the specifics of the case without leaving the docket history page.

The specific content in Indian Claims Insight is:

  • Pre-1948: Claims presented to Congress and claims brought before the Court of Claims.
  • 1948-1978: Indian Claims Commission materials, including briefs, docket books, decisions, expert testimony, and oral transcripts.
  • Post-1978: Claims brought before the U.S. Court of Claims (through 1982) and the U.S. Court of Federal Claims (through 2006); documents related to post-2006 settlement of claims; legislative histories and congressional publications directly related to claims, including congressional publications indexed by docket number; relevant U.S. Supreme Court decisions; and maps.