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Enhanced Tax Notes Research Platform Subscription


The Law Library recently enhanced its subscription to the Tax Notes Research Platform. This enhancement provides users with access to several magazines electronically, including Tax Notes, States Tax Notes, and Tax Notes International.


For more information on our Tax Notes Research Platform subscription, including directions for creating an account, please view the Tax Notes entry on our Electronic Resources page.


HeinOnline: U.S. Congressional Serial Set Added


HeinOnline has added the U.S. Congressional Serial Set to its content. This is the first phase of an ongoing U.S. Congressional Serial Set project. At this point, the Serial Set in HeinOnline includes:

  • Indexing of more than 17,000 Serial Set volumes
  • A content archive containing image-based PDFs for the years 1978–2018
  • Complete coverage of the American State Papers

For additional information on Phase I of the project, as well as plans for future releases, please visit this informational page from HeinOnline.