New Microform Sets

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The Law Library recently purchased several new microform sets. Microforms are available for use in Room 130.

Politics and Statecraft in Early Modern England

This collection includes the Main Papers of the House of Lords, from 1509 to 1715.  These records provide crucial insight for researchers of the English Civil War period, since the records of the House of Commons from this time have not survived.

FBI File on Sacco/Vanzetti

This file details the FBI’s investigation of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, who were convicted and executed for the 1920 murder of a shoe company employee and his guard.

The bulk of the material in this collection is dated during the 1921 murder trial, and includes information pertaining to the murder charges and trial itself, such as letters, reports, and newspaper clippings.

Trial and Execution of Sacco and Vanzetti

This collection contains documents relating to the 1921 murder trial and subsequent appeals of Sacco and Vanzetti. Among the materials in the collection are the transcript of the 1921 trial, documents and letters written by the prisoners, and contemporary magazine articles about the case.

From the Reformation to the Puritan Revolution: Papers of the York Court of High Commission, c.1562-1641

This collection contains papers of the York Court of High Commission, c.1562–1641 from the Borthwick Institute, University of York. All of the surviving papers are filmed, including the Act Books for 1562–1603, 1607–1634 and 1638–1641, as well as the accompanying Cause Papers.

Incunabula: Current Affairs

Don’t be fooled by the subtitle! Incunabula: Current Affairs brings together a wide array of printed material about contemporary events in fifteenth-century Europe and its expanding global horizons. The collection includes accounts of trials, treaties, battles, sieges, coronations, royal marriages, scandals, and murders, among many other significant events in the history of Renaissance Europe.