New Offsite Storage Location

Boyd Law Building

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The Law Library’s collection is among the largest in the country, and it continues to grow. The shelving space in the Law Library, however, remains static. At present, the Law Library shelving is about 98% full. In order to relieve congestion in the stacks, offsite storage is a necessity.

Last year, the University agreed to provide the Law Library with its own offsite storage space (the Law Library Annex) to assist the Law Library in managing the shelving of its collection. The Law Library Annex is located in a former warehouse near the Iowa City airport. It is a closed storage facility that will be visited only by Law Library staff assigned to deliver to or reshelve materials in the Annex.

During the week of August 12th, 2013, the Law Library will move approximately 17,000 linear (shelf) feet of lesser-used books to the new Law Library book storage facility. Once the initial move is complete, the Law Library will move approximately 2,500 feet of lesser-used books a year to the Law Library Annex. This number will accommodate the number of new volumes added to the Law Library collection annually.

Books removed to the Annex will be made available by requests placed through InfoHawk. Main Library is currently using this system for its separate Annex for the storage of its lesser-used books.

Once the lesser-used books are moved offsite to relieve the current shelving space problems, a number of shifts of books within the Law Library are planned to make use of the newly opened shelf space in the Law Library. The Law Library will aim for an 85% shelving capacity on each floor, which will facilitate the easy shelving of newly acquired books without a lot of shifting. There will also be new maps and signage along the way to ensure easy access to resources within the Law Library.