Preserving Rare Books: Blackstone’s Commentaries

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This year, we celebrate two important milestones: the 150th anniversary of the Iowa Law School and the 250th anniversary of William Blackstone’s four-volume Commentaries on the Laws of England, a treatise influential in England and America and which continues to be cited by courts including the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Law Library’s Rare Book Room has many editions of Blackstone’s Commentaries, including the first edition published in England (1765-69) and the first edition published in America (1771-72).

In honor of the twin anniversaries this year, the Law Library arranged for our English and American first editions of the Commentaries to be restored and rebound in historically accurate leather bindings.  For a description of the restoration and rebinding of these editions, including photographs, please view the full article on the Law Library’s website.