Student Computing Updates

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The Student Computing Department is excited to announce improvements for student printing in the Law Library. There is a new print station located on the second floor of the Law Library near the Reference Desk, and printing now costs $.08 per page. Now, students can print to the Print Lab located on the first floor or the print station located on the second floor. Additionally, law students can now print from the public access computers located on the second floor of the Law Library. You will need to uninstall and reinstall the printers on your personal computer to print to either printer location.

Returning second-year and third-year students should be aware that the University is no longer providing or maintaining Symantec anti-virus software. We recommend removing Symantec and installing antivirus software on your personal computer. Please note that some firewall and antivirus software is not compatible with the exam software, including McAfee Security Center, Zone Alarm, and SpySweeper. We recommend linking to Anti-virus Protection for Home Use - Article 100582 and selecting the appropriate anti-virus software for your personal computer. 

For assistance with printer installation or anti-virus software, please visit Jeremy Grasby in Room 130. For additional information on Student Computer Services, please click here.