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I know what you’re thinking – you’ve been so busy with preparing for class, keeping up with research and writing, participating in law school and other activities – do I really understand how it all fits together? Do I really grasp “holder in due course?” The rule against perpetuities? Piercing the corporate veil? How do I put it together?

One way to put it together is through study aids. UCC: Examples & Explanations, Understanding Property Law, a hornbook on the law of corporations – these are the types of study aids that are available in the Law Library that organize and explain various topics of law. Sometimes, all it takes is reading a portion of a chapter to bring clarity to a concept; sometimes it takes reading a chapter twice to finally put it all together. The Law Library subscribes to hornbooks, nutshells, E&E, Understanding, and other types of study aids, and keeps the most current on Reserve. These aids are also good for creating outlines. Now is a good time to check out the study aids.

In addition to study aids, the Law Library has a collection of materials that help students prepare for exams. These materials are on Reserve and usually circulate for 2 hours at a time.

  • The Finz Multistate Method (the orange book) / Law Reserve KF 303 .F55 1997 & 2013
    This guide focuses on six subject areas tested on the multistate bar exam: Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts.  It presents multiple-choice questions and then provides the correct answer, with an explanation for each question. Both editions help with the substantive law and the strategy for answering multiple-choice questions.
  • Practice Questions for the Multistate Bar Exam / Law Reserve KF 303 .P73 1997
    This guide is similar to the Finz book in coverage and style, but has explanations for each answer, as opposed to one general answer.
  • The PMBR Multistate Workbook / Law Reserve KF 388 .M88 1983
    This 2-volume set covers the multistate subjects, but provides a substantive outline of the topic, as well as 200 questions for each topic. It also has a list of the topics covered by each question. For example, in Torts, Question 2 deals with “conversion.” This feature allows one to study the material dealing with a topic, and then focus on those questions in the guide that deal with that topic.

Other materials that help with exam preparation are: (available at the bookstore and elsewhere)

  • Law in a Flash
  • LexisNexis Questions & Answers Series
  • West’s Black Letter Outlines (the Law Library has a few of these)
  • West’s Exam Pro Series – provides fact patterns, sample answers, and explanations; 14 titles in the series (covers Professional Responsibility, Property, Federal Income Tax, Wills, Trusts & Estates, Civil Procedure, Evidence, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Estates & Future Interests, Torts, and Secured Transactions); each title appears to have essay and objective versions of selected topics – check the West Store.

If you need further information, please ask at the Reference Desk – we’re here to help!