Vanity Fair Prints and Supreme Court Photo Donated by Professor Bonfield

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Professor Bonfield has donated a variety of prints to the Law Library.  Many of these come from the British weekly magazine Vanity Fair.  These prints are displayed on the second and third floors of the Law Library. Among the prints donated by Professor Bonfield are Spy caricatures and a print depicting the trial at Rennes of Alfred Dreyfus.

Published from 1868 to 1914,Vanity Fair is perhaps best remembered for the over 2,300 color caricatures that appeared in the weekly magazine.

Sir Leslie Ward, who signed his art with the pseudonym Spy, is one of the artists most identified with Vanity Fair, with over 1,300 Vanity Fair caricatures attributed to him.  Spy was particularly known for his caricatures of judges and lawyers, some of which are now displayed in the Law Library.

Professor Bonfield has also donated a framed photograph of the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, taken in 1975, with the signatures of the justices.  This photograph is displayed on the third floor.

Information on Vanity Fair and Sir Leslie Ward comes from Roy T. Matthews and Peter Mellini, In “Vanity Fair” (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1982).