Welcome (Back), Law Students! Navigating the Law Library Part 1

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The Law Library is pleased to be open to current members of the Iowa College of Law Community.  You’ll be seeing new configurations in our physical space and our work procedures...such as checking books out through the protective shields at the front Circulation Desk. As a (re)introduction to the Law Library, be sure to check out our tours of the physical space (7 min. here) and the virtual space (6 min. here).  [You will be asked to enter your HawkID and password.] There is also guidance in place about where to walk and where to sit, both to relax and in the carrel usage arrangements. 

Law Library Main Level Reference Print Scan Area photo

Directional information

Three of our four floors have been marked to help you navigate the floor, much like the rest of the building. On the Ground Floor, we do not have directional signs because the layout would lead to a lot of dead ends and there is only the one stairway servicing that floor. If you need to access or to leave the Ground Floor, we recommend you use the elevator. Once you are on the Ground Floor, we recommend you move to your destination quickly and be aware of those who are also navigating the floor.


 We have carrels on the 3rd, 1st, and Ground floors. Remember, if you were assigned a carrel to use in an even week, you can only use that carrel during that time. It will remain empty during the odd weeks to maintain social distancing. The weeks start on Sunday and end on Saturday.  If you have questions about your carrel or combinations, please visit the library staff at the Circulation Desk.

We are working on updating the website, and Research Guides with the policies and procedures specific to our new reality. Our regular hours are:

  • Monday – Thursday, 7:30am – 8pm
  • Friday, 7:30am – 6pm
  • Saturday – Sunday, 10am – 5pm

 We look forward to working with you, in person and virtually. If you have a question, be sure to contact the Reference Desk at refdesk@iowa.uiowa.edu or call 319-335- 9005 and leave a message.