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The faculty of Iowa Law are prolific scholars. The Law Library is pleased to introduce a searchable bibliography of their scholarly publications.

Yun-chien Chang

We are delighted to announce that the Law Library’s Bonfield Fellow for 2016 will be Professor Yun-chien Chang.

Image of WIlliam Blackstone and Iowa Law 150 Years Logo

The Law Library’s Rare Book Room has many editions of Blackstone’s Commentaries, including the first edition published in England (1765-69) and the first edition published in America (1771-72). In honor of the 250th anniversary of the Commentaries and the 150th anniversary of the College of Law, the Law Library arranged for our first editions of Blackstone's treatise to be restored.

Provinciale is the oldest book in the law library.

The Provinciale was one of the earliest law books. It was printed first in England, circa 1483, and then reprinted in Paris in 1501 and 1505. The Law Library has the Paris 1505 edition.

HIstorical Law Showcase

The display case on the main floor of the Law Library offers a glimpse into the history of law from classical Rome to the present day.

Bonfield Fellowship

We are delighted to announce the inaugural holder of the Bonfield Fellowship in the University of Iowa Law Library.

We have a vibrant community of scholars at Iowa Law. Here are the books our faculty members published in 2014.

Professors Herbert Hovenkamp, Steven Burton, and David Baldus

Two current members of the Iowa Law faculty are among the HeinOnline ScholarsRank Top 250 Authors.

Bartolus Title Page

One of the special collections held by the Law Library is the Leist Collection purchased by the Law Library in 1920 and contains more than 3,700 titles.

The Law Library welcomes applications for its newly-created Bonfield Fellowship for a visiting researcher.


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