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In this short video, Professor Maya Steinitz discusses her article, “Incorporating Legal Claims” (Notre Dame Law Review, forthcoming 2015).

The Law Library is pleased to share a video of the 2014 Law School Convocation address: “The University Study of Law.”

Ted Potter and Matthew Braun teaching in Advanced Legal Research

Law Librarians will teach Business and Tax Legal Research, Historical Legal Research, and Advanced Legal Research in Spring 2015.

An informational video highlighting the Law Library’s world-class collections and resources has been launched in China on Youku.

The Law Library is pleased to announce the next video in the “Iowa Thinking” series. This is a series of short videos highlighting faculty scholarship and research at Iowa Law.

Professor Arthur Bonfield

On August 1st, Professor Arthur Bonfield stepped down as Associate Dean for Research after having built the University of Iowa Law Library into the largest public law school library in the country during his tenure from 1985 - 2014.

The Law Library is pleased to launch a new series of short videos highlighting faculty scholarship and research at Iowa Law. In this first video of the series, Professor Thomas Gallanis speaks briefly about his forthcoming book for the Selden Society.

The Law Library is one of the very best law school libraries in the United States. We invite you to learn more about us by watching this short video.

Lawyer Poets and that World We Call Law, James R. Elkins, editor, is an anthology of lawyers and judges who not only practice law, they practice verse.

Why Law Matters book cover

Why Law Matters presents the argument that legal institutions and legal procedures are valuable and matter as such, irrespective of their instrumental value. Source: Oxford University Press website


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