Edward G. Jennings

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Biographical Information

Edward G. Jennings was an Instructor of Law at the University of Iowa School of Law from 1934 through the summer of 1935. While at Iowa, Mr. Jennings taught Evidence, Practice Court, Administrative Law, Municipal Corporations, Federal Jurisdiction, and Equity III. Mr. Jennings received his A.B. and A.M. degrees from the University of Nebraska.  He thereafter obtained an L.L.B. and an L.L.M. from Harvard University Law School. Prior to joining the faculty at Iowa Law, Mr. Jennings was an instructor in Political Science at the University of North Dakota, and was the Legal Secretary to U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge W. S. Kenyon.



Edward G. Jennings, with Alan Loth, “The Parol Evidence Rule in Iowa,” 20 Iowa Law Review 713 (1934-1935)
Edward G. Jennings, “The Police Power as the Source of Public Utility Legislation,” 3 Dakota Law Review 91 (1930-1931)

Book Reviews

Edward G. Jennings, Review of Administrative Legislation and Adjudication, by Frederick F. Blachly and Miriam E. Oatman, 20 Iowa Law Review 702 (1934-1935)