Printing in the Law Library as a Guest

Printing is available for guests of the Law Library. The cost is approximately 3 cents per page. Printing is available at the second floor OPAC computers near the Reference Desk.

Note: Printing to the Law Library's system requires a PDF file. Follow these instructions to create a PDF file. Documents can be saved to the Downloads or Documents area on the OPAC computers.

Follow these steps to print to the Law Library Printers as a guest:

Step One: Contact the Law Library Circulation desk for a Guest PaperCut account.

Step Two: Purchase a PaperCut value card to add printing funds to your Guest PaperCut account.  

Step Three: If you do not have a Hawk ID request a guest HawkID account from the Circulation desk.

Step Four: Login to an OPAC computer near the Reference Desk of the Law Library with your Hawk ID.

Step Five: Wait for the desktop to load. Double-click the Law PaperCut Website icon on the desktop. Click the Run button when prompted.

Step Six: Login with your Guest PaperCut username and password.

Step Seven: Follow the instructions on the PaperCut value card to add the funds to your account.

Step Eight: When you are ready to print click Web Printing in the left hand side of the PaperCut webpage.

Step Nine: On the right side of the Web Printing page click Submit a job >>.

Step Ten: Select the printer GuestPrinter and follow the on-screen prompts to print.