H. Jefferson Powell

H. Jefferson Powell


Associate Professor of Law

Biographical Information

H. Jefferson Powell earned a bachelor’s degree from St. David’s University College (now Trinity St. David) of the University of Wales; a master’s degree and PhD from Duke University; and a Master’s of Divinity and JD from Yale University. He was a law clerk to Judge Sam J. Ervin III of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. Powell's academic career began at the University of Iowa in 1984; in 1989, he joined the law faculty at Duke University. His career also includes visiting positions at Columbia, Yale and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His scholarship has addressed the history and ethical implications of American constitutionalism, the powers of the executive branch, and the role of the Constitution in legislative and judicial decision-making, among other subjects.



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Book Reviews

H. Jefferson Powell, “The Modern Misunderstanding of Original Intent,” review of Federalism: The Founders’ Design, by Raoul Berger. 54 University of Chicago Law Review 1513 (1987).
H. Jefferson Powell, “Constitutional Law as though the Constitution Mattered,” review of American Constitutional Interpretation, by Walter F. Murphy, James E. Fleming, and William F. Harris. 1986 Duke Law Journal 915 (1986).
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