Faculty Newsletter for August, 2018

Lexis and West Study Aids

Aug 22, 2018

The Law Library now subscribes to both West and Lexis Study Aids. These study aid subscriptions allow students to access some of the Law Library’s most popular study aids electronically.

The Lexis Study Aids subscription provides access to more than 160 study aids and includes the Understanding series, the Skills and Values series, the Mastering series, and the Q&A series.

The West Study Aids subscription provides access to more than 500 study aids and includes Hornbooks, Concise Hornbooks, Nutshells, Gilbert Law Summaries, Blackletter Outlines, and Quick Reviews, among other titles.

If you have questions about these subscriptions, please contact Ted Potter at ted-potter@uiowa.edu.

Document Delivery

Aug 22, 2018

The Law Library’s Faculty Services Research Assistants, Bradford Hines and Anthony Dopp, are available to assist with your document delivery needs, including retrieving books from the law library and other campus libraries. Simply email your request to lawlib-doc@uiowa.edu. Please cc amy-koopmann@uiowa.edu if your request is time sensitive.   

If you have any questions regarding the services provided by the Faculty Services Research Assistants, please contact Amy Koopmann at amy-koopmann@uiowa.edu.

Reserve Items

Aug 22, 2018

As the fall semester is upon us, please feel free to request that items be placed on Course Reserve. Requests may be sent to Max Lipnick at max-lipnick@uiowa.edu

For more information on Course Reserve, please visit our Reserve Materials page.

BNA Transition to Bloomberg Law

Aug 22, 2018

Subscribers to BNA Law Reports may have already noticed that Bloomberg BNA is transitioning its content from the BNA Premier platform to Bloomberg Law. In the process of this transition, some of the current reporters have been repackaged with other topics and the content delivery options have changed. Some subscribers will automatically be transitioned to the new content options. When and how a person signed up for the BNA Law Reports, however, affects Bloomberg’s ability to transition the subscriber to the new product. Amy Koopmann is working with our Bloomberg Law representative to identify faculty members who may be affected by this transition. If you have questions or concerns, or believe you are no longer receiving content that you would like to receive, please contact Amy at amy-koopmann@uiowa.edu.

With this transition, Bloomberg will also cease publishing the BNA print reporters, with the exception of ABA/BNA Lawyers’ Manual on Professional Conduct and the Tax Management Portfolios. The Law Library will continue to receive these titles.

CCH IntelliConnect Transition to Cheetah

Aug 22, 2018

Last year, Wolters Kluwer introduced a new platform called Cheetah, with the intention of retiring CCH IntelliConnect. Wolters Kluwer has maintained the CCH IntelliConnect platform as they have transitioned materials to Cheetah. At the end of 2018, however, Wolters Kluwer will retire the IntelliConnect platform.

Wolters Kluwer offers a variety of Cheetah training materials here. If you would like an in-person overview of Cheetah, please contact Amy Koopmann at amy-koopmann@uiowa.edu

Research Assistant Library Training

Aug 22, 2018

On Thursday, August 30 at 12:45 pm, the library is offering a training in Room 285 for faculty members’ new research assistants. The training will cover the basics of library use as a research assistant, including checking out materials and printing on behalf of faculty members, as well as introduce resources beyond Westlaw and Lexis that may be of use to research assistants.  

If your RA is unable to attend, Amy Koopmann offers individual introductory trainings as well as project specific trainings as needed. To arrange an individual training, please contact Amy at amy-koopmann@uiowa.edu.  

Research Assistant Proxy Cards

Aug 22, 2018

If you would like your research assistants to check out books on your behalf, please complete a proxy authorization form, available at the Circulation Desk. Using their proxy cards, your RAs may check out books for you from any of the libraries on campus. The faculty member is ultimately responsible for any books checked out using the proxy card.

Research Assistant Printing, Photocopying, and Scanning

Aug 22, 2018

Printing accounts are administered through Information Technology Services (ITS). Instructions for research assistant printing are available here. If your RAs are not finding the “Law RAs” shared account when printing, please contact the Financial Aid office at law-financialaid@uiowa.edu.

The Law Library still administers photocopy accounts. If you wish to set up a photocopy account for your research assistants, please contact Kevin Burford at kevin-burford@uiowa.edu.

The Law Library also has scanners available for student use on the first, second, and third floors. The first and third floor scanners are flatbed scanners attached to computers. The second floor scanner is a larger, stand-alone scanner, which includes the ability to email scans or save them to a USB flash drive.  

New Law Library Acquisitions

Aug 22, 2018

In April, May, June, and July, the Law Library acquired a total of over 10,700 new books, journals, and other items. These include over 1,000 new monographs from a wide range of university presses, including:

  • Amherst College Press
  • Amsterdam University Press
  • Auckland University Press
  • Brookings Institution Press
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Catholic University of America Press
  • Columbia University Press
  • Cornell University Press
  • Duke University Press
  • Edinburgh University Press
  • Georgetown University Press
  • Harvard University Press
  • Manchester University Press
  • Mercer University Press
  • Michigan State University Press
  • Naval Institute Press
  • New York University Press
  • Oxford University Press
  • Pennsylvania State University Press
  • Princeton University Press
  • Rutgers University Press
  • Southern Illinois University Press
  • Stanford University Press
  • State University of New York Press
  • University of Toronto Press
  • University of Wales Press
  • University Press of New England
  • University Press of Mississippi
  • Victoria University Press