Reserve Materials

Location & Circulation

Reserve materials are located behind the Circulation Desk. Most reserve materials circulate within the Law Library for four hours at a time and may not leave the library. Some exam prep materials are restricted to two hour loan limits.

General Reserve

General Reserve contains the most current hornbooks, some general research aids, a few major topical treatises, Co-curricular Reserve, and current Iowa legislative materials.

Co-curricular Reserve

These are materials placed on General Reserve by entities such as legal clinic and moot court, and by student organizations. Some of these materials are placed on reserve for a semester, and some stay on reserve for a longer period of time. These materials are not included in the "course reserve" portion of the library catalog but have designated locations included in their catalog display record.

Course Reserve

Materials requested for reserve by faculty members for specific classes are kept on Course Reserve. Items on Course Reserve may include Law Library materials, materials from other campus libraries, photocopied materials, or personal copies. Course Reserve allows a user to know what is placed on reserve by the faculty member. To place items on Course Reserve, notify the Circulation staff. The InfoHawk Catalog has a link to Course Reserves near the top. One may search by course name or professor.

Items are generally kept on course reserve only for the semester that the course is being taught. At the end of each semester, personal copies are returned to the faculty member and library materials are reshelved in the collection or returned to the appropriate library. If a faculty member wishes to keep an item on course reserve for the next semester, the faculty member must notify Max Lipnick, Circulation Assistant, at 319-335-9015 or If a faculty member wants a list of the items on reserve for a particular course for the next time she/he teaches the course, the faculty member can contact Max, who will print out a list and make sure it is delivered to the faculty member.

Past Exams

Past law school exams may be placed on reserve by law professors. If exams are available, they are held at the Law Library Circulation Desk and/or electronically through the College of Law Academic Resources site