Richard B. Kuhns

Richard Kuhns


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Professor Richard B. Kuhns is an expert on evidence and criminal procedure. He is the co-author of a casebook on evidence, in its fourth edition, and another on criminal procedure. His teaching and scholarship have included issues related to children and the law, constitutional criminal procedure, federal rules of evidence, and devices for regulating the process of proof. He has published articles in law reviews on such matters as the hearsay rule; the Fourth Amendment and standing; and grand juries and the criminal contempt power. He previously served on the Iowa Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Rules of Evidence. After law school, Professor Kuhns practiced law in California as a public interest attorney and taught at several law schools. Before joining the faculty at Iowa, he earned an LL.M as well as an S.J.D.



Richard Kuhns, "The Propensity to Misunderstand the Character of Specific Acts Evidence," 66 Iowa Law Review 777 (1981).
Richard Kuhns, "The Concept of Personal Aggrievement in Fourth Amendment Standing Cases," 65 Iowa Law Review 493 (1980).


"Hearsay, Part I. Definitions. Declarant. Statements Which Are Not Hearsay. Problems of Inconsistent Statements and Admissions. Hearsay, Part II. Hearsay Exceptions. Availability of Declarant Immaterial. Hearsay Exceptions Where Unavailability of Declarant Is Required. Attacking and Supporting Credibility of Declarant." In materials prepared for Evidence and Trial Techniques seminar. Iowa City: University of Iowa College of Law, October 9-10, 1981.