The Law Library has many sets of documents, books, personal and organizational papers, and other materials in microfilm and microfiche and a few in microcard, an older format. The Library continues to acquire materials in microfilm and microfiche. Among the frequently-used collections are the U.S. House and Senate bills from 1789 to the present, Congressional committee hearings from the early 1800s to 1969, the Papers of the N.A.A.C.P.United States Supreme Court Records and Briefs from 1832 to the present, and the Roy J. Carver United Nations Document Collection (1945 - 2013).

Other notable holdings include the EighteenthNineteenth and Twentieth Century Legal Treatises collections, the Civil Law collections, League of Nations Documents, documents of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and World Trade Organization (WTO), and the papers of Supreme Court justices Frankfurter, Holmes, Brandeis, and Warren. For more information about the major microform sets in the collection, consult the following guides:

Major Microform Sets in the University of Iowa Law Library by Title

Major Microform Sets in the University of Iowa Law Library by Jurisdiction

The microform collections are located in Room 130, the Audiovisual Room. Reader/printers are available for viewing and making paper copies, for a fee, of materials in microform. Access is available by appointment only.