The University of Iowa Law Library is one of the most comprehensive and in-depth legal information resource centers in the United States. The quantity, quality, depth, breadth, and diversity of its readily accessible domestic, foreign, comparative, and international legal information resources places it among the three top law school libraries in the United States.

On June 30, 2021, the University of Iowa Law Library collection contained close to 2 million separately cataloged individual hardcopy, microform, and electronic titles and over 1.5 million bound volumes and microform volume equivalents. It includes a full range of Anglo-American, international, and comparative law materials, and materials from selected foreign jurisdictions from each continent. The Law Library's holdings of materials on the law of the United States and all of its states and territories, Great Britain, and the present and former members of the British Commonwealth of Nations, are exceptionally strong as is its collection of European Union materials. It also has one of the most comprehensive collections of international and comparative law materials in the United States and excellent collections of the law of many non-English speaking countries including representative countries on each continent.