Electronic Resources

Electronic Resources

ProQuest Regulatory Insight contains thousands of compiled federal administrative law (regulatory) histories. Included in the compiled histories are original PDF and HTML versions of notices, proposed rules, final rules, and presidential documents from all issues of the Federal Register, and the codified versions of such documents in all volumes of the Code of Federal Regulations

Among the features of the Regulatory Insight interface are (1) controlled vocabulary subject indexing harmonized with ProQuest Legislative Insight; (2) the ability of researchers to limit compilation display to Notices, Proposed Rules, or Final Rules, and by agency and sub-agency; and (3) agency/sub-agency history pages allowing easy retrieval of rules related to a specific department, agency, or sub-agency. 

The "Advanced Search" allows for searching of compiled histories by full text, agency, popular name, and subject, and "Search By Number" allows for searching by Federal Register citation, Code of Federal Regulations citation, Public Law number, U.S. Statutes at Large citation, U.S. Code citation, agency docket number, and Regulation Identifier Number (RIN).

The coverage dates in Regulatory Insight are evolving; please click on the Search Guide below, and look in the "Product Coverage" box, for current information.

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