Mihailis E. Diamantis

Mihailis Diamantis

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Mihailis Diamantis, "An Eerie Feeling of Deja Vu: From Soviet Snitches to Angry Birds," with Judge Alex Kozinski, in The Cambridge Handbook of Surveillance Law, edited by David Gray and Stephen E. Henderson. NY: Cambridge University Press, 2017, at 420, 17 pages.


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Mihailis Diamantis, "Of, For, and By the People: The Legal Lacuna of Synthetic Persons," with Joanna Bryson and Thomas Grant, 25 Artificial Intelligence and Law 273 (2017), 19 pages.
Mihailis Diamantis, "White-Collar Showdown," 102 Iowa Law Review Online 320 (2017), 15 pages.
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