William G. Buss

William G. Buss


O.K. Patton Professor Emeritus

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Professor Buss earned a B.A. from Yale and an LL.B. from Harvard. Prior to joining the law faculty in 1967, Professor Buss clerked for Judge Bailey Aldrich on the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, practiced law with Foley, Hoag & Eliot in Boston, and served as Lecturer on Education and Assistant to the Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He was promoted to full professor in 1970 and held the O.K. Patton Chair in Law until 2010, at which time he took emeritus status.  In retirement, he continues to be an active scholar. Professor Buss is devoting all of his scholarly work to researching and writing about the American influence on the Australian Constitution. He thinks it is important for Americans and Australians to know how deep and wide that influence was on the Australians who wrote their Constitution and how much similarity there is now between the two constitutions. His scholarly writing has included articles on the constitutional rights of students, special education in the United States and in England and Wales, and freedom of speech in the United States and Australia. He has taught comparative public and constitutional law at Durham University in England, and at Victoria University in New Zealand.



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Book Chapters

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Book Reviews

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